Wireless Lone Worker Alarms

easyRadio Provides Life Saving Wireless Link

LPRS is providing lone worker alarm manufacturer with a wireless enhancement to a very successful lone-worker-emergency-service tracking and location system.

Remote or Hazardous Environments

The Lone Worker Alarm is used where users have to work alone in remote or hazardous environments. The new DSX-TX unit will automatically emit a 96-dBA alarm and transmit the units identification to the matching receiver should the wearer be rendered incapacitated, unconscious or trapped. The transmitter maintains constant contact with the receiver and will raise an alarm should the signal stop for any reason or if the wearer initiates an emergency signal. In the event of an alarm the wearer’s identity is indicated and may be communicated to other workers or rescue teams who will also be alerted and directed by the on-board alarm sounder. In order to prevent false alarms a pre-alarm signal is initiated after 30 seconds of no movement allowing the wearer to respond that all is well.


Distress Signal Design

This is a new concept in "Distress Signal" design, with many options to suit individual needs. The unit is built with the wearer’s convenience in mind and will also accommodate fixing to all Fire Brigade Breathing Apparatus (B.A.) sets. Employing a highly secure Keeloq Protocol provides an unprecedented level of security, which prevents copying or grabbing whist also obtaining the optimum range from the transmitter and receiver. Up to 4 DSX-TX, lone worker devices may be monitored by one receiver.


Managing Director of the company said,

“We selected the LPRS' modules as they offer very good narrow band FM performance which offers reliable communication in very difficult conditions. They are also easy to interface with, self-contained and have low power requirements. We particularly like their harmonised international approvals and CE marking which simplifies selling to international customers. The “free to air” transmission frequencies are also a great benefit to our users as they can avoid paying a transmitting licence fee unlike paging companies and mobile services providers.”

For the application, LPRS supplied wireless modules from Circuit Design, a leading manufacturer of low power radio products. Circuit Design designs and supplies low power narrow-band standard radio modules for short-range applications. For this application LPRS specified the CDP-TX-04S-R transmitter module and CDP-RX-03BS-R receiver, which can operate over a typical range of 1Km.

Barry Gillibrand, Managing Director of LPRS comments,

“This is a very typical application for our products. We have more than 10 years' experience of providing practical design and software support to simplify our customers own design process and ensure the fastest possible time to market. All of our RF modules are designed to provide easy to use wireless solutions.”

The DSX-TX has been supplied to aerospace manufacturers, food processing companies and fire services in Spain and Germany, and to Police Dog Units.

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