Interactive Learning & Reward System

Wireless Interactive Learning with Reward System

IRiS, the easyRadio connected Interactive Reward System, assists with learning difficulties, play learning and group fun.

LPRS, one of Europe’s most successful integrators of industrial wireless communications solutions, demonstrates again how the simplicity of its plug-and-play, wireless easyRadio solutions simplify product development and speed up time to market.

LPRS design all their products with the belief that anyone, regardless of ability, should be able to control their sensory equipment. The new IRiS (Interactive Reward System) has been designed with wireless connectivity and is completely wire-free. This allows IRiS products to be placed anywhere within a room for use wherever the user is most comfortable.

Pupils, patients or clients may be stimulated or rewarded by light, sound, vibration, wind and aroma using IRiS modules. The modules are divided into two types of products; “talkers” and “listeners”. IRiS “talkers” are the control switches provided for users to control the “listeners” which then provide the reward for correct use of the “talker”. Any IRiS “talker” can control a number of IRiS “listeners” in any configuration ensuring sensory rooms are always fresh and never lose their impact.

The range of “talkers” includes a soundswitch that responds to any noise, and a switchbox that offers eight different switching modes allowing users to connect their own preferred switch options to it.

“Light Wands” and “Light Rollers” allow users to control a moving light in various ways and the IRiS “Colour Blender” enables users to mix colours projected from lighting effects themselves. IRiS “listeners” include a Bubble Tube featuring the latest LED technology, Shape Projectors, Ripple Lights, Scanners and Aroma Boxes.

Marketing Director of the company comments,

”As specialists in the provision of: sensory rooms & pools; soft play equipment; outdoor sensory equipment; through to the very latest Multisensory Interactive Learning Environments; we are always seeking to make our products more flexible and user friendly. When we originally designed the products we knew they had to be wireless and looked for a company that could provide a simple solution. We were delighted to find that easyRadio did exactly what it said on the tin and worked right out of the box without us having to have any previous wireless expertise. Our customers range from those with special schools, hospitals, surestarts, hospices, nurseries and even corporate events. Doing away with the limitations of connecting cables makes installation quick and more cost effective and operation simpler and more flexible.”


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