Real-Time Railway Bearing Monitoring

easyRadio Advanced Wireless Modules

easyRadio Advanced (eRA) RF modules supplied for a sensor system which predicts the failure of rotating components, wheel bearings and gearboxes on railway trains.

Real-Time Railway Bearing Monitoring

Vibration Energy Harvesting

Recently nominated as one of Europe’s top five wireless system design houses and manufacturer of short-range radio devices: LPRS is supplying their market leading easyRadio Advanced (eRA) wireless modules to Perpetuum Ltd, a global leader in vibration energy harvesting and sensor systems, for a sensor system which enables users to predict the failure of rotating components, wheel bearings and gearboxes on railway trains.

This new train monitoring system; provides operators with real-time data which improves reliability and safety; dramatically reduces operational and maintenance costs; reduces service disruption; and improves asset utilisation as operating conditions are monitored while trains are still in service and earning revenue.


eRA RF Transceiver Modules

LPRSs eRA400TRS wireless transceiver modules have been designed-in to the Perpetuum rail sensor systems to reduce cost, installation time and overcome the unreliability of hardwired systems having to operate in the harsh environment to be found underneath a train.

Perpetuum uses their key technology of vibration energy harvesting to power the sensor system utilising the excellent source of vibration that a train provides. This removes the problems of predicting battery life and the need for costly and logistically challenging replacement of batteries.


Long-Term Failure Prediction & Short-Term Monitoring

As rotating components degrade they show symptoms that indicate the progression of the wear. The initial symptoms are vibration, followed by noise, temperature increase, smoke and then failure. The eRA connected sensor system provides vibration data for long term failure prediction and temperature data for short term monitoring.

Component Health Data

Data from the Perpetuum sensor system is displayed on a web-based platform to enable convenient access. Software translates the temperature and complex vibration data into a simple indication of the health of each component being monitored. Data can be displayed to provide a snapshot of the current state of health of the fleet, allows trending data to be displayed to show the rate of degradation and email alerts can be provided to warn an operator of any out of tolerance conditions, providing an early identification of a potential failure.


Built for Harsh Environments

The “fast to fit” vibration and temperature sensors are simple to deploy and of robust design for operation in harsh environments. Operating temperature range is -40°C to 85°C and are designed for use in high vibration environments.

David Vincent, Engineering Director, of Perpetuum comments,

“The eRA RF modules provided us with a simple to integrate, reliable wireless link for our sensor systems which have to perform under very difficult conditions. Our railway train monitoring system is already being trialled by a major UK operator who is very impressed by the information it provides and the ease of use. They predict a very rapid return on their investment and a solution to unlocking a number of important issues, including redefining the way they undertake some significant and costly elements of fleet maintenance.”

Real-Time Railway Monitoring Solutions

eRA Through Hole Modules

eRA Through Hole Modules

easyRadio Advanced RF Transceiver & Transmitter Modules

Mid-range, narrowband, through-hole module with back compatible pin configuration. easyRadio 02 users can easily upgrade to eRA module versions.


eRIC SMD Module Family

eRIC SMD Module Family

easyRadio SoC RF Modules - Transceivers

Lower-cost, intelligent, easy to program radio sub-system; a high performance System-on-Chip RF transceiver. Variants include Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multi Point and LPWAN Sigfox / LoRa.


eRA-LoRa Through Hole Modules

eRA-LoRa Through Hole Modules

eRA Long-Range RF Transceiver Modules

A hybrid of LoRa™ technology and easyRadio Advanced technology for applications requiring long-range communications.


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