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FCC & IC approved eRIC9 modules available.

eRIC RF Modules

Based on the Texas Instruments CC430F5137 SoC (System-on-Chip) device, the eRIC (easyRadio Integrated Controller) module provides an intelligent radio sub-system that combines a high performance RF transceiver (transmitter and receiver), RF band pass filters (BPF), an MSP430 microcontroller, a 32Kb flash memory, non-volatile flash storage, a temperature sensor and a low drop voltage regulator. 

eRIC4 Module Datasheet eRIC9-FCC Module Datasheet 


eRIC9 Module Datasheet eRIC4 Module Datasheet

Manufactured in the UK and operating in the International licence exempt ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) radio bands (804 – 940 MHz for Europe, North & South America, India and China; or 402 – 470 MHz for Europe, APAC and China), eRIC offers the best quality and high class performance with a low cost RF transceiver intended for high volume applications and suitable for the Internet of Things (IoT). The compact form factor, surface mount packaging and external antenna connector simplify product design & manufacture and provide for flexible placement of the module within an end product.

The eROS (easyRadio Operating System) software optimises performance ensuring that the modules reach parameters defined in the chip specifications. Following on the easyRadio philosophy, eROS provides an intuitive means to get a project active within the minimum time and without the need of expert knowledge. Making the RF simpler speeds up the software process and detaches the user away from the intricacies of the underlying mechanisms that produce steep learning curves and long development cycles when designing with radio.

Key Features of the eRIC Module

Secure Data Transmission

eRIC offers secure over-air transmission with its AES 128 bit data encryption option.

Secure Data Trasnmission eRIC RF Module

Selectable Operating frequencies for World Markets

804 – 940 MHz for Europe, North & South America, India and China. 402 – 470 MHz for Europe, APAC and China.

Selectable Frequencies eRIC RF Module

Programmable Application Memory

Partitioned memory; half containing eROS simplifying the RF configuration and peripheral access. The other half can be used for application code which can be written using industry standard tools and a quick-to-learn API. This will often eliminate the need for any additional microcontroller, thus saving cost, space and power.

Programmable Application Memory in eRIC Module

Fully Programmable Low Power Options

Can be set in a number of low power operation/ low power consumption modes offering current consumption as low as 32uA.

Low Power Options/ Modes eRIC Rf Modules

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