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Welcome to the eRIC (easyRadio Integrated Controller) section where you can find out the latest information on our low cost powerful sub 1GHz RF transceiver. eRIC contains the best bits of easyRadio Advanced together with exciting new features highlighted in our videos. The easyRadio software optimises performance ensuring modules reach the parameters defined in chip specifications. 

Four Smart Reasons to Choose eRIC

Secure Data Transmission

eRIC offers secure over-air transmission with its AES 128 bit data encryption option.

Selectable Operating frequencies for World Markets

eRIC9          All of Europe, North & South America, India and China

eRIC4          All of Europe, APAC and China

Programmable Application Memory

The processor memory is partitioned; half containing the easyRadio operating system (eROS) that simplifies the RF configuration and peripheral access.The other half can be optionally used for your own application code which can be written using industry standard tools and a quick-to-learn API (Application Programming Interface). This will often eliminate the need for any additional microcontroller, thus saving cost, space and power.

Fully Programmable Low Power Options

Using the API or “easyRadio” commands eRIC can be set in a number of low power operation modes offering current consumption as low as 32uA.     

eRIC has a simple to use and understand easyRadio interface and is manufactured in the UK. It offers the best quality and high class performance and uses a system on a chip integrated circuit that combines an RF  transceiver with a microcontroller on a single chip. This takes away the separate microcontroller that we use in our existing easyRadio devices. eRIC is both smaller and at a greatly reduced component cost compared to our existing products. This translates to lower costs all round meaning it can be used in both traditional low power applications and in high volume consumer applications. 

The easyRadio Operating System or ‘eROS’ is used on this new range of miniature transceiver modules.

Following on the easyRadio philosophy, eROS provides an intuitive means to get a project active within the minimum time, and without the need of expert knowledge.

The eROS remit however goes beyond easyRadio's, in that in addition to making the RF simple, it simplifies the software process, and detaches the user away from the intricacies of the underlying mechanisms that produce steep learning curves and long development cycles. 

Wireless Mike Introducing eRICeROS3 Datasheets and Software DownloadseROS4 Software and Datasheet DownloadsWhere to buy eRIC



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