eRIC Arduino Module Car

eRIC RF Module Car with Arduino and Accelerometer

This project demonstrates how easy it is to use a pair of LPRS eRIC4 RF transceiver modules for a simple 'radio control' link in a remote control car.

eRIC Arduino Module Car

This video submitted on YouTube by “siemens simulink”, 

Remote control car system based on Arduino, eRIC4 module and accelerometer LIS35DE.

Simple text commands are sent, initially from a PC serial port to an eRIC4 which then transmits them to a second remote eRIC4 and then hence onto an Arduino Nano controller.

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The Arduino interprets these commands and drives a pair of motors via a motor shield to control the speed and direction of the 'buggy'.

In a further development commands are created by an accelerometer connected to an Arduino Mega via I2C allowing control of the buggy by intuitive hand movements.



The eRIC radio transceiver module is a complete System-on-Chip device that provides an intelligent radio sub-system that combines a high performance RF transceiver, RF band pass filters (BPF), an MSP430 microcontroller, 32Kb flash memory, non-volatile flash storage, temperature sensor, and a low drop voltage regulator.

The device operates on the International licence exempt Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) radio bands.

The Arduino controllers connect to the eRIC4 modules via serial port.


easyRadio Transceiver Modules

eRIC SMD Module Family

eRIC SMD Module Family

easyRadio SoC RF Modules - Transceivers

Lower-cost, intelligent, easy to program radio sub-system; a high performance System-on-Chip RF transceiver. Variants include Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multi Point and LPWAN Sigfox / LoRa.


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